Sonar message structure

Processes send messages to Robolytix about their process. Each process have added Sonars, you can look at them as checkpoint. Each Sonar sends message to Robolytic, when process reach it. These messages are similar to simple HTTP ping, but they still contain some data. These data are used for identification of process and your account.

Message Structure

Full structure of one message is described in following example:

"message": {
    "name": "Upload done",
    "processid": "205758FA-CEA9-4AE8-97B4-EGE78D54E0E6",
    "runid": "dc36d2d5-12ea-43e4-b68e-6e7d23077bc4",
    "service": "Integromat",
    "type": "end",
List of properties:
  • name
    Name of the current sonar should be unique in the whole process.
  • processid
    List of processes in the selected account. For creating a new process go to Robolytix Settings.
  • type
    Every process should start at sonars type Start and end at sonars type End. The number of Continuous sonars is unlimited. Use Error sonars for handling errors. Valid values are start, common, end and error.
  • runid
    Unique identification of one process run. Such as timestamp of first action or sonar.
  • service
    Identification of RPA tool. It should be its name, or specific identification string (e.g. "Integromat", "Zapier",...).

Not all properties are accessible in each RPA tools. It depends on structure of this tool and its philosophy.

Robolytix is the key online analytis tool for Robotic Process Automation using independent Sonar technology to monitor and audit robots operating in any RPA platforms.

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