Creating account in Robolytix and settings

The account is a basic entity in the Robolytix system. All the information about processes, groups and users is stored there.

Creating your Robolytix account

  1. Choose your Account name. This could be your company name.
  2. Add the account owners` First and last name, email and password. Or use a single-sing-on with your Microsoft or Google accounts.
  3. Choose a time zone and currency that will be used for all your future reports. This cannot be changed later.

Account settings
Once you have created your account, you can set-up its general details.

Settings > Account

Account details tab

  • basic account information
  • rename the account
  • change the subscription plan

Company billing info tab

  • billing and tax information of your organisation
  • "Notes" field is used for additional information for Robolytix billing department.

Account user roles tab
All the users with any rights to the whole account are listed here. The roles for the account are as follows:

  • Account owner: Usually, the user who created the account. The account owner has full access to all the account settings, including renaming and deleting the account.
  • Account admin: The user who can perform all the read and write operations on the entire account. However, this user can't rename or delete the account - this can be done only by the account owner.
  • Account viewer: The user who can perform all the read operations on the entire account. Account viewer can access all the processes in all the groups, just like account admin, but only in the read mode.
  • Process author: The user who can only create processes in the account and has access limited to only those processes. Process author can't edit financial process data. Process author is mostly suitable for external users who deliver complete robotic processes and/or ensure technical support of these robots.

Financial data tab
evidence of one-off and recurrence costs related to the account.

Costs that you add on the account level will be equally assigned to all groups and processes under this account.

Tip: What are the account costs used for?
Typically it would be licence of RPA tool or consulting that involves the whole account. You can add costs that apply to a specific group (i.e. financial department) or to a specific process in

Settings > Groups > Financial data tab

The account owner and account admin can enter, edit and add costs on the account level.

Delete account tab
The account owner can delete the entire account.

Information for stats
Statistical information will enable us to prepare and share comparative metrics of RPA benefits.

Good job. You Account settings are done!

Robolytix is the key online analytis tool for Robotic Process Automation using independent Sonar technology to monitor and audit robots operating in any RPA platforms.

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