Defining user roles

Settings > Users > New user / Invite user

List of all users contains all the users with any rights or roles in the account or groups.

Using the "New user / invite user" button a new user is added to the account, or an existing Robolytix user can be invited to the account. You do not have to look up information whether the added user is already in Robolytix or not. The correct invitation is sent automatically by Robolytix.

Note: When you create a user, the user must have at least one role (account or group).
Individual user roles can be edited on two levels: Account and Group level.

Account user roles

Account user roles are designed for the administration of the entire account content. Following roles are available:

  • None (default) is intended for most users assigned to selected groups, but without access to all the account data and settings.
  • Account admin is a user with full account rights. This role can be assigned only by the account owner who can delegate account administration to his colleagues.
  • Account viewer is a user with the rights to read all the account data, but without the rights to edit them.
  • Process author is a special role designed for process creators (typically external providers). They are enabled to add new processes to Robolytix, test their functionality and correct reports of all the sonars. They have no access to any other information or settings except to those they have created.
Group user roles

Group user roles are designed to define the roles of group managers and group viewers in individual groups. Each user can be a group manager or group viewer of an unlimited number of groups.

  • Group manager: The user can perform every read and write operation in the group, including its renaming. Group manager cannot delete the group, the account admin or account owner can only do that.
  • Group viewer: The user can perform all the read operations in the entire group. Group viewer can access all the processes in the group, as well as the group manager, but only in the read mode.
Robolytix is the key online analytis tool for Robotic Process Automation using independent Sonar technology to monitor and audit robots operating in any RPA platforms.

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