Groups are used to organise processes according to your needs, i.e. groups can represent departments in your company or countries. Tags are also available to organize and label processes.

Before organising groups, look at the group autonomy:

  • The group has its own users with defined group rights.
  • The group enables evidence of processes and their costs.
  • The group enables batch reporting of group processes.

Create new group: Settings > Groups > New group

Group settings

Group settings store information about processes and users.

General tab
  • basic information about the group
  • change group name and description
    Financial Data tab
  • evidence of one-off and recurrence costs related to the groups. Group managers, account owner and account admins can add or edit the costs.
  • costs entered at the group level will be assigned only to this group, i.e. development costs for processes of financial department.

Note: Account costs that are assigned to this group in account settings by the account owner or account admin are listed at the bottom of this page. To change these assigned costs from account level, please contact the account owner or account admin.

Group Roles tab

All the users with any rights related to the group are listed here. The roles for the group are as follows:

  • Group manager: The user can perform every read and write operation in the group, including its renaming. Group manager cannot delete the group, the account admin or account owner can only do that.
  • Group viewer: The user can perform all the read operations in the entire group. Group viewer can access all the processes in the group, as well as the group manager, but only in the read mode.

None: The user is not in any of the group roles mentioned above.

Group Processes tab

A list of processes in the group. The list includes processes marked as deleted. Robolytix System keeps processes available for historical reporting and calculations.

Process setting > button “Process Detail“

The "Group Process History" button shows historical records of all the processes that are currently in the group or were there in the past. Including their specific date and time.
Group Status tab
The group can be deleted here. In fact, Robolytix does not remove the data physically, but keeps them inactive (for historical reporting purposes). That is why the checkbox is called “Mark as deleted” and it even enables to reactivate the deleted group.

If repeated deactivation and activation is needed, the "Group delete status history" is available showing the dates from when until when the certain group was marked as deleted.

Robolytix is the key online analytis tool for Robotic Process Automation using independent Sonar technology to monitor and audit robots operating in any RPA platforms.

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