Evidence of financial costs and how it works

About financial data in Robolytix

Evidence of financial costs allows you to measure ROI and effectivity of your automated or manual processes throughout your company, departments or even single processes.

Types of financial data

One-off and recurrence costs

  • A one-time or repeating costs
  • Add these costs in Account settings, Groups or processes

RTE (Robot Time Equivalent)

Configuration of RTE and savings is located in menu Settings > Processes > Financial data > Saving

  • Robot time equivalent (RTE) is the financial value of saved human work. Each process has a financial amount equivalent to human work. This value represents money saved during one completed process run.
  • Add this cost for each process

Extra profit

Configuration of extra profit sonars is in menu Settings > Processes > Financial data > Add new profit

  • Some processes can generate extra profit. For example, an automated process can receive a commission for generating leads. Enter the value of one successful run achieving extra profit.
  • Add extra profit value for each process

All costs from history, before you have starting using Robolytix, can be added anytime later and they will be applied and calculated accordingly to all financial reports.

Where do you add financial costs?

Financial costs can be calculated at three levels.

Located in menu Settings > Account > Financial data

  • Costs added on Account level apply to processes in groups that you select. This could be for example a licence fee for RPA tool.

Located in menu Settings > Groups > Financial data

  • Group costs are used for evidence of one-off and recurrence costs related to each single group.
  • Group managers, account owner and account admins can add or edit the costs. Groups are often used to structure the processes into departments (finance, logistics, sales etc.). Costs that you add on group level will be partialy distributed to all processes in this group.

Account costs that are assigned to group in Account settings by the account owner or account admin are listed at the bottom of this page. To change these assigned costs, please contact the account owner or account admin.

Located in menu Settings > Processes > Financial data

  • It is used for the evidence of one-off, recurrence costs, RTE or extra profits, related to each single process.
  • The process financial data can be entered and edited by the account owner, account admin and group manager.
Robolytix is the key online analytis tool for Robotic Process Automation using independent Sonar technology to monitor and audit robots operating in any RPA platforms.

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