Setting up processes in Robolytix

Settings > Processes > Create a new process

  1. Add process name (tip: this should correspond to the process name in your RPA tool or other application)
  2. Add a description
  3. Assign the process to a group
  4. Your saved process appears on the process list
Process list

A complete list of all the processes registered within the account. The input view can be filtered by groups, tags or text strings in the process name.

If a red warning "Not evaluated process list (x)" is shown at the top of the page, the system gives you notice, there are processes that need to be assigned to a group. Every process must be assigned to a group. The number in the brackets indicates a number of unassigned processes.

"Show all" button displays all processes including deleted processes. However, Robolytix does not delete processes, it stores them as inactive and enables them for reactivation.

The "Action" column includes buttons for:
• editing the process
• viewing sonar reports
• viewing the process costs

Process settings

General tab
  • basic information about the process
  • edit process name and description
  • assign process to a group

"Process group history" button shows the process assignment to groups over time.

The Guid entry is a unique process identifier generated by Robolytix and can be used in some types of Sonar implementations.

Properties tab

basic process information used for better understanding by the AI Module. It is important that the AI Module is aware of all exceptions beyond the standard understanding of a process - such as linear automated task processing with one start and one end.

Tags tab

Each process can be tagged with an unlimited number of tags. New tags can be created here.

Financial data tab

It is used for financial records related to each individual process.

RTE (Robot Time Equivalent)
RTE is the financial value of saved human work. Each process has a financial amount equivalent to human work. This value represents money saved during one completed process run.

List of extra profit
Some processes can generate extra profit. For example, an automated process can receive a commission for generating leads. Enter the value of one successful run achieving extra profit.

List of costs
Evidence of one-off and recurring costs related to the process, i.e. costs of setting up every single process. The process of financial data can be entered and edited by the account owner, account admin, and group manager.

AI Module tab

The Seasonal Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average (SARIMA) model, an approach for modeling univariate time series data that may contain trend and seasonal components. In combination with the Weibull distribution, a continuous probability distribution, it is an important part of the AI module, which can be fine-tuned by adjusting the threshold sensitivity level of anomaly detection applied to the process.

Process author tab

In the case of an external provider, the name of the process author is used in combination with a role of the same name to enable anyone, e. g. an external provider, to maintain a proper connection with Robolytix, without access to any other internal account data.

List of sonars tab

List of all Sonars that have ever communicated with Robolytix in this process. It contains the Sonar type and the time of the last communication. This information is mostly used by process authors to test the Sonar functions in the process.

Process status tab

The process can be deleted here. In fact, Robolytix does not delete the data physically but keeps them inactive (for historical reporting purposes). That is why the checkbox is called "Mark as deleted" and it even enables to reactivate the deleted process.

In case of repeated deactivation and activation, there is a historical overview, called "Process delete status history", available, containing the dates of the process being marked as deleted.

There is also a Support Forum for further questions.

Robolytix is a real-time management analytic tool for business processes operating in any application or custom solution.
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