Robolytix provides independent monitoring, analytics and audit of any process, automated, RPA or manual, through its Sonar technology. Sonars are check-points that you simply put in your process.



Powerfull tool from the start


Real-time monitoring

Full scale real-time monitoring of all your processes designed and operated in any platform including custom solutions.

Processes evidence

Listing of all your processes and Sonars in one place.

Cost evidence

Detailed editable and customizable evidence of one-off and recurrence costs.


Instant reporting of major KPIs for effective management.

Online reporting 

Dashboards, charts and tables accessible online.

AI health center 

AI module generating warnings of non-standard process behavior.

Hybrid process monitoring 

Monitoring of complete processes from the actual start, automated or manual.

Technical and settings

Processes: 25

Total number of monitored processes.
The number of named clustered processes which can be tracked and reported together. They also have common users and defined access rights and roles. For example: Marketing, Sales, Service, Sales New York, Sales London, Sales Singapore and the like.

Users: unlimited

Total number of the account users.

Sonars: unlimited

The number of checkpoints – sonars – in all processes across the account.

Integrations: unlimited

The number of external service connections: For example: UI Path, Blue Prism, Zapier, Integromat and the like.

Support: community

Total number of monitored processes.
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All features from Free plan plus


Automated, PDF and Excel reporting

Online, automated and downloadable reports in various formats.

Customizable dashboards

Create and customize own dashboards

Mobile notifications

Notifications of non-standard behavior or process failure on your mobile.

Technical and settings

Processes: unlimited

Total number of monitored processes.
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All features from Advanced plan plus


Customizable reports

Easy to create and customize scheduled reports in various formats.

AI advisory center

Receive process optimization advice based on big data from all over the world.

External analytics API

Connection to external data analytics tool such as BI reports.

Technical and settings

Support: Ticketing

Prioriy support and help center.
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Robolytix is the key online analytis tool for Robotic Process Automation using independent Sonar technology to monitor and audit robots operating in any RPA platforms.

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