Case study: financial evaluation of human labour savings.

How to report financial benefits and cost reduction achieved by process automation in a global logistic company.

Project background
Industry: Logistics
Time: August 2019 - present
Technology: Automate BPA,, MS Azure
No. of countries: 7
No. of processes: 14
Process runs per month: 80 000

A financial evaluation has to reflect the labour savings achieved per every process run. Outcomes will be used for management reporting.

Deploy Robolytix Sonars in automated processes.
Add financial costs related to automating processes (such as RPA tool licence fee).
Quantify the value of human labour per one process execution/run.

Robolytix was easy to set-up and deploy in processes. Real-time data instantly available in performance dashboards save time and money that would be required to implement a standard BI solution.
The financial evaluation provides instant useful management data of real benefits of process automation.

Robolytix is a real-time management analytic tool for business processes operating in any application or custom solution.

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