How to optimize customers' journey - a case study from the healthcare industry.

"We work better, optimize and manage when we have key activities in the company clearly drawn in front of us."

  • Client: Amber Plasma
  • Idustry: Healthcare
  • Business process: customer’s journey through the donor’s center
  • Clients requirements: to map and define an ideal customer’s journey through the center, set up KPIs, constantly measure the process, optimize, improve and speed up the process based on the measured results.

Result in 3 months:
faster customers' journey
by 12 minutes


  1. Input process analysis, visualization of the process
  2. Definition of measured points, standards and KPIs
  3. Technical implementation and data verification
  4. Presentation of the first measured outputs
  5. Ongoing consultations and improvement

Measured steps

  • Registration at the reception
  • Check with the doctor
  • Blood control sample
  • Start of plasma transfusion
  • End of plasma transfusion
  • Payment of rewards
  • Plasma distribution

Other measured values

  • Branch, nurse, doctor, customer ID
  • Number of transfusions, amount of rewards
  • Status and type of each case

Evaluation of benefits

Richard Kral, CEO, Amber Plasma
  • By mapping the donor's journey through the centre and the initial analysis, we obtained a visualization of the ideal state. We work better, optimize and manage when we have key activities in the company clearly drawn in front of us.
  • We have set standards and KPIs related to the donors’ journey through the centre, which we can now measure and evaluate.
  • We are able to better schedule customers, we changed the time intervals between reservations, reception opening hours and the result is a reduction in donors’ time spent at the branch by 11% in the first 3 months.
  • Real-time process-operational view allows us to manage the centre's capacity, predict workload and respond flexibly.
  • We see exceptions in the process and we can break them down to the wanted and unwanted, which we remove.
  • The time curve allows us to follow trends and adapt the management accordingly.
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