Use Case: Monitoring of IT deployment cycles


Faster deployment of application and software releases with monitoring and analytics of deployment cycle processes (continuous development / continuous delivery).


Companies are all striving for faster release cycles and higher quality software. Development Operations department usually knows current modern procedures to achieve these objectives.

Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) are a set of best practices designed to enable development teams to create, modify, improve, and deliver product changes more frequently and with fewer errors. The entire process is usually called the CI/CD pipeline. The problem with implementing CI/CD from the bottom up is that there comes a point when the team must obtain executive buy-in to move forward.

The importance of real-time monitoring and analytics.

Analytics and monitoring are essential for tracking the whole process. Being able to identify long gaps, non-effective reviews, common errors – this all helps to optimize and speed up the process.

CI takes care of the source code to the stage of a successful build of a product in a standardized environment. One of the most important parts of CI/CD is testing.  These tests need to be executed as part of the CI/CD pipeline.

Main stages in CD CI process

  1. Code management
  2. Building source codes
  3. Unit test
  4. Integration tests
  5. Application review
  6. Deployment to Staging environment
  7. Release to production

Robolytix brings new possibilities for managing and optimizing the deployment cycle.

Use cases of Robolytix in the deployment cycle process

  • Code management
    • Monitoring of the duration of Code reviews by individual projects and programmers.
  • Building source codes
    • Monitoring of the duration of the build process with stages. For example, you can evaluate your actual building infrastructure and compare it with other options (for example different infrastructure providers, software vendors etc).
  • Unit test
    • Find the most failing unit test to suggest its substitution for more robust and reliable.
  • Integration tests
    • Identify the part of the infrastructure with the most errors.
    • Add alerts to main tests and be notified of any custom-defined values (ie traffic overload).
  • Application review
    • Evaluate the efficiency of reviewers (for example time efficiency, cost per review).
    • Compare certification processes from different publishers.
  • Deployment to Staging environment
    • Add alerts to any part of the process and keep your Infrastructure team informed.
  • Release to production
    • Keep track of all your releases. Based on the version, you can see the history of your Release cycles in different environments and track your company progress.

Example of using Robolytix for process speed monitoring of two different infrastructures.

On the Robolytix dashboard below you can see the significant difference in speed between two infrastructures based on completed process cycles.

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Robolytix is a real-time management analytic tool for business processes operating in any application or custom solution.
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