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Robolytix is a real-time management analytic and monitoring tool for all business processes, automated or manual, operating in any application or custom solution. Robolytix provides detailed process insight with financial and operational KPIs through online dashboards, charts and reports allowing users to monitor, analyze, evaluate and audit business processes from start to end.

Know it

Having the information, when you need it, is priceless. Know when things, orders, tasks, requests in your business get delayed, forgotten, lost, broken, stopped.

See it

Picture is worth a thousand words. See your key business operations on a digital map that will add another dimension to your planning or problem solving.

Prevent it

To be able to learn from a mistake, you have to know the cause of it. Know why it happened, where, how, and use this information to prevent it. 

Key features

Early warning alerts

Real-time notifications of unexpected or critical 
situations allow you to react quickly.

Root cause finder

Finds and displays step-by-step details 
of every process run based on custom filters.

Compliance supervisor

Helps you to achieve and maintain the desired process 
standard level and compliance.

Automation advisor

Identifies work suitable for software automation, 
including savings and ROI evaluation.

Process visualisation

Creates a process diagram based on reality 
with measured values for each step.

BI integration

Process data is displayed in embeded dashboards 
or sent through API to your BI tool.

How it works

Robolytix is an all-in-one analytic and monitoring tool for all business processes. Robolytix is a multi-platform solution compatible with any application, system and data source.
Robolytix schema

How to start with Robolytix?
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Robolytix is a real-time management analytic tool for business processes operating in any application or custom solution.
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