Product features

Robolytix provides independent monitoring, analytic and audit of any process through its Sonar technology. Sonars are check-points that you just simply deploy in a process.
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What can you do with Robolytix

Monitor and evaluate RPA projects with real-time analytic tool.
Manage your robots with data driven results and KPIs.
Save your time with structured dashboard, charts and reports.
Control and audit RPA costs based on real performance.
Receive AI health  advisory for your processes.
Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring

Manage your RPA projects effectively with exact KPIs
Completed or lost runs
Active and running processes
Success rate
Hybrid process tracking
Process duration

Financial and operational KPIs

Manage your RPA projects effectively with exact KPIs
Detailed cost evidence - add any costs related to your RPA projects and processes. Assign the costs across your departments or even single processes. Do you need to add costs from the history? Robolytix recalculates costs from your start and financial reports are up-to-date.
ROI - follow your investments into RPA project with instant ROI reporting. That means no extra work creating reports.
Profit earned or lost - does your automated process generate profit?Track these numbers on your dashboard. And if your bot fails to complete the transaction, we evaluate a profit loss.
RTE (Robot Time Equivalent) measures saved costs per each process compared to human work. This could be an important number for you when reporting the RPA project.
Financial and operational KPIs
Process evidence and reporting

Process evidence and reporting

Keep all your automated processes in one place to monitor and analyze them.
Central evidence - Robolytix enables you to list all your processes, from headquarters to regional offices.
Multiplatform solution - select your favorite RPA platform. Or two. Or three. Robolytix is a multi-platform solution. That means you can list all processes across all platforms and applications. From large worldwide tools to local IT projects. All in one place.
Dashboard, charts, reports - display all data organized and constantly available. Or create reports with one click.
Process visualisation - view your process flow in a chart. This can help you to optimize processes based on real performance.

AI advisory and health center

A built-in AI module helps you with process monitoring and development.
Integrated AI module - more Sonars you add to your processes, better results you get. AI module issues warnings of a non-standard behaviour in your processes.
Process improvement - receive suggestions for process improvements and ideas for new processes.
AI advisory and health center
Scalable structure

Scalable structure

Suitable for businesses from a multinational enterprise to a single entrepreneur.
Customizable - user management and customizable structure for your needs.
Groups, tags, roles - processes are easy to organize into groups, lable them with tags and assign user roles access including your external IT suppliers. 
Pricing – use Robolytix for free. Forever. Or upgrade when your RPA projects grow.

Robots quality scoring

Evaluate your robots and processes based on achieved score.
Process speed
Task productivity
Uptime vs downtime
Process task solving time
Robot scoring
Robots quality scoring

Ready to use

Robolytix is fully integrated and ready to use in the following platforms. It can be integrated and used on any platform.
Please contact us to integrate your platform, application or custom built solution. 

It’s easy to get started

How it works
Robolytix is the key online analytis tool for Robotic Process Automation using independent Sonar technology to monitor and audit robots operating in any RPA platforms.

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